Several Voipfone accounts on one phone???


I have a client who, like me already uses voipfone who wants me to be able to answer calls on his behalf (for people calling his existing geographical number), then transfer some of them back to him...

I've got 2 Linksys SPA941 phones, and 2 extensions set up currently for my own number. How do I do it???

He also is setting up another business, again using voipfone ideally. In this case he wants to be able to record calls and occasionally have me transfer calls back to him. Again, what do we need???

Re: Several Voipfone accounts on one phone???

For support it's best to email support at as we're working around the clock to have those answered promptly.

The Linksys 941 phones can have up to four accounts configured. Do you already know how to get into the web interface of the phones?

Once the other Voipfone account(s) are created they just need to be configured on your phones. Specific extensions can also be set to record calls via our website.

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Re: Several Voipfone accounts on one phone???

But surely the whole idea of having a forum is that questions (and answers) are shared, ultimately reducing the number of repeat enquiries to your support function...

I'll email support, but as my experience has been that Voipfone are only happy to respond via the forum when the answer is a "positive" one so I'm not hopeful - this isn't good customer service. If your system won't do what I am asking then that's fine - it won't necessarily stop me using your service it just means I have to rethink how to manage the process, but what I need is a timely, open and honest answer!

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