Grandstream 2020 anybody here using one ?

Hiya Folks

I have been playing with voip for a while , mainly just for the fun of it but multiple lines would be useful for tracking marketing in long run !

So i splashed out on a Grandstream 2020 , which has 6 lines and started signing up with providers , SHOCK horror - even giving some of them cash so i had some credits to play with

Anyways im struggling to get some of the lines line working , but heres where i am ... grandstream 2020 , plugged into a BT home hub 2

Gradwell - woking perfect and always has
Voipfone - working perfect and always has ( WELL DONE VOIPFONE !! )

Sipgate - never managed to get it connecting
Voipuser - never managed to get it connecting
freespeech - never managed to get it connecting
my sip switch - never managed to get it connecting

Now i have entered some very simple details into MYSIPSWITCH
IE - account name / sip / password and all of the above CONNECT perfect confirmed using monitoring tool ..but i cant have access to the lines as LOL i cant get MYSIPSWITCH to register / connect on the granstream so its all big mystery to me ! !

If you own a grandstream 2020 , and or have connected to the above unconnected providers would appreciate a heads up on the settings or even just some ideas on where to go forward particulary with the MYSIPSWITCH account ... im pretty sure this should be easy and im making it hard for myself !

Or if you own a grandstream 2020 what providers are you manage to connect to easily without any hassles , details appreciated

Please also bear in mind i am NEW , i dont understand the technical terms of VOIP and require spoonfeed if possible


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