Re: Can I use Voip phone plugged into PC rather than router

I dont believe there is an easy way, I think to make that work you would need two network cards in your computer and configure IP the gateway of the first card to be that of your second. How IT savvy are you?

One option would be to get a wireless bridge which would then provide you with an ethernet port (however call quality could be really poor depending upon wireless link)

Another option would be using Powerline in some way?

The last and best option would be to run Voipfone using the Softphone.



Re: Can I use Voip phone plugged into PC rather than router

There are various WiFi dongles that people use but they are nothing but problems - WiFi and VoIP isn't a good combination.

If you can get access to the router you could plug the base station of a Siemems IP475 into it and use that - DECT works well.

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