Any advice on configuring a Cisco IP Phone 7960 -appreciated

HI. I have a 7960, have gone through the steps to reset to factory defaults, holding the # key on bootup and entering the code.

But when it boots now I get a msg saying Protocol Application Invalid

Cannot get into any menus on the phone, presume have to access via a network connection? But any advice would be appreciated to help configure with voipfone details

I have looked thru the other couple of posts and downloaded Solarwinds and other relevant files, updated the SIPmacaddress file etc etc. but I cannot access the phone via the unit at all to input anything. the recommended **# does not work, all I can do, as I say is Reset to factory settings

Re: Any advice on configuring a Cisco IP Phone 7960 -appreciated


I had the same problem as you with my 7940, drove me mad and I was bewildered as to why it occurred in the first place !.. The only way to resolve the problem is to set up a TFTP server and get the firmware files and reflash the phone.

The factory reset does not work as you say and in this state you cannot access any of the configuration menus of anything which is another problem.

Where are you with the loading of the firmware, does your TFTP server log show the files being requested and sent to the phone and does the phone show 'upgrading' on the display?


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