TalkTalk router set-up for Voipfone (Smartax mt882)


I have a huaweu smartax mt882 router I got from talktalk and am having trouble setting up voipfone. I can successfully dial the 155 test number and it works, and in the online extension status page - It shows me was being online and present, but I cannot make or receive calls to other extensions. I can make calls to landlines ok though.

Is this a router problem? I thought it may be as i had trouble setting up to get this far! My username and password are both correct. Extensions that call me just get voicemail - the same when an extension calls me

any ideas?


TalkTalk router set-up for Voipfone (Smartax mt882)

ok sorted, it randomly started working.

I had switched on business hours.. though for anyone with any problems on allowing port access with this modem follow these instructions...

Open up the smartax config page usually and click the BASIC menu on the left .

Click the entry marked NAT

Select Redirect then click NEW

Select TCP

For the Local address enter the IP of your PC

Leave global addresses blank

Destination Port From needs to be 5004

Destination Port To needs to be 5060

Local port needs to be 5004

Click Submit

Now repeat but this time select UDP entering the same information and hit submit .

Once this is done click TOOLS from the left hand side and select SAVE & REBOOT .

Select SAVE and click submit .

Now click REBOOT and submit .

Re: smartax mt882 router (talktalk), keep getting voicemails

Thanks Skeg0, I've made this a sticky and changed the title to make it more obvious to searchers.

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