Re: The ability to set up individual voicemails for each number

You can set up indivual voicemails for each extension and each extension can have as many numbers on it as you like.

The normal set-up is to have a telephone for each extension.

If you want only 1 or two telephones but many different numbers and many different voicemails, you need to buy telephones that can have multiple accounts. You need one account (extension) for each voicemail - so a Linksys could handle 4 and a Snom 320,360,370, 12.

Years ago a telephone number = a telephone line; with VoIP it doesn't. You can have as many numbers as you like, lines becomes channels and the two are not at all related.

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Re: The ability to set up individual voicemails for each number

Yep - Aware of all that (now I've wasted over £200 with you!).

I just need an individual message for each geographical number, not each phone - I have 2 phones and between us we only have 2 pairs of ears, so if I have 15 clients I need to be able to give them the sort of service I expect to receive if more than 2 numbers are called at once. Had long discussions via email over this and the only solution so far is to spend yet more money, which I'm not going to do - hence the request. It's a real shame because everything else is brilliant but this one small thing wrecks it for me.

Generic voice message is not a solution for the type of clients I deal with, so by the time I've picked up another 2, I'll have to find another provider at this rate... At least you don't lock your phones so they might still have a use to someone!

BT managed this years ago - I don't want to use them, but I might not have a choice!

Not a happy bunny at the mo (can you tell?) and feeling a bit like I've been lead on, hoping that will change very soon...

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