Phone and Router Settings

I purchased the recommended SNOM 300 and 320 phones.
I have also taken your advise and purchased the WAG300G routers.
I've installed a dedicated VOIP hard wired network.
I've chosen BE broadband as you suggested that this was a good choice.

I get one way calls (can't hear the caller), lost calls on transfer, dropped calls, delays on the line and classic Norman Collier audio.

Please confirm the best firmware version for the SNOM 300 and SNOM 320
Please provide page by page details of the settings for the SNOM phones
Please provide page by page settings for the WAG300 router

Surely this is basic stuff? If you recommend it and sell it you should support it and you should provide page by page set up instructions for optimum configuration in order to achieve optimum call quality.

This isnt a home phone(s) x 8 its a business. Dropped calls = lost business.
Please provide constructive help.

I would even be happy to pay an engineer to come to site to optimally configure my phones and routers.
Would anybody like to offer their services?
Please apply as your assistance would be most gratefully accepted.

Re: Phone and Router Settings

That sounds like a connection issue. Could you run an MTR - info here:


and then call us if necessary on 020 7043 5555. We need your account number and last 3 digits of password.

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Re: Phone and Router Settings


I'm not sure how to run the report as I'm business manager and not an IT guy.

Please provide the settings details and recommended firmware versions as requested.

I also note that the WAG routers slow the line internet speed from 8Mb with the Be supplied router to 1Mb with the WAG router.

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