X-Lite 3 setup and check for voice mail


After a bit of trail and error I've got x-lite 3 working with my voipfone account. X-lite 2 worked "out the box" for both PCs I use (on different networks). I needed to use the outgoing proxy of nat.voipfone.co.uk:5065 for both networks (home PC and work PC).

X-lite 3 worked fine at work, but though the home PC could dial and receive calls, no sound could be heard on any call initiated by x-lite. Sound did work (both ways) on incoming calls. In case this helps anyone else, I finally fixed it by entering a STUN server address (x-lite account settings->properties->topology, select "use specified server" and entered stun.xten.com). Couple of days up now with no problems! Same problem instantly occurs as soon as I remove the STUN server address (disable or leave it blank), so that was definitely the fix. I thought STUN servers weren't needed for voipfone, but apparently they are for me..

However, the diagnostic log showed an error on both PC's that occurred about every minute on one PC but every few seconds on the other. The error is:

"Don't understand sip message content type: application/xpidf+xml in ::OnSIPNotify"

I tracked this down to x-lite trying to check for voice mail, and failing each time.


1) Disable check for voice mail in x-lite 3 account settings (unless this actually works for anyone?), it's just wasting your bandwidth..

2) Anyone know if/when voice mail checking (i.e. message waiting indicator, MWI, I think?) will work with x-lite 3?

I can't hear any stutter in the dial tone either, I don't know if voipfone uses this?

Message waiting works fine for my snom M3 on my home network (though sometimes stays on even when there are no messages, but generally gets turned off correctly the next time I receive and delete a voice message).

Re: X-Lite 3 setup and check for voice mail

We don't recommend use of version 3 of X-Lite.

Our network sends out a signal to notify phones there is a message waiting - The X-Lite softphone should not be sending any requests to request this.

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