Re: Snom: "407 Proxy Authentication Required" mess

davidgu wrote:Is anyone else getting this message on their Snoms?

We're getting it sporadically on dialling. When it occurs, we just redial and the call goes through just fine.

It's intermittent - some days it rarely happens at all, but today it seems to be on roughly one call in three.

We're using firmware 3.60x on our 190s, and 4.5 on our 320s.
I've had this message occasionally for several months. Have reported it to Support - but no solution has been found (nor was much interest shown in solving it either).


When you get that message does the outgoing call fail? At the moment we are unable to make any outgoing calls. The syslog entries from our Cisco ATA 186 shows the following:-

Response=407; Proxy Authentication Required
Response=100; Trying
Response=403; Forbidden

Reviewing log entries for previous calls suggests that the first 2 lines are normal. However, the "Response=403" indicates that there is a problem.

Maybe under normal conditions your Snom phone does not display the message, however, when the proxy authentication fails (ie. gets a 403 response code) it generates the message as an error indicator.

Also, I am no longer getting a stuttered dialtone to indicate that I have voicemail messages waiting. I am not sure if that is just a coincidence or another symptom of the underlying problem.

I have reported the problem to Voipfone support, but to be honest, I am not sure whether the company they use to create the support tickets understood half of what I was saying so I dont expect any useful information via that route. I hope that this will get picked up here and someone from customer support will be able to shed some light on the matter.

(I will leave my various gripes about support for another thread).

Jaheli wrote:When you get that message does the outgoing call fail?
Yes, the call always fails - the failure is why I have to look at the display.

Problem happens with Snom190 & Grandstream GX2000 - but, overall, probably only for about 1 in 20 calls (5%).


I logged a call with support about this last week and was told that it happens if you make a call as the phone is re-registering. Since Voipfone settings suggest a 60 second registration it makes sense why it is a common error message.

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