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Is there any chance of you being able to provide USA local numbers, rather than only having the freephone option?

I have quite a few inbound USA calls and to make it easy for them and not having to dial international codes I have a Skype regional number (210 xxx xxxx) which I have set to auto divert to my voipfone number. Yes this works, but a) I don't like giving skype my cash for the redirects and b) I don't like having to go via skype (it doesn't always make the redirect with a message being left in my skyp account)

Like here in the UK with 0800 numbers on our mobiles, for some USA cellphone users it is not free to call USA Freephone numbers and a retype is required.

Simplicity would be to have a geograpahic number, just like my 0207 voipfone number.


Re: USA geographic number

It's quite hard to do, but we're trying to find ways of doing this

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Re: USA geographic number

I've been using for years.

Set yourself up a free US number there (all are in Washington State), and set the SIP destination on it: your voipfone 8-digit account in "SIP Phone Number:" and in "SIP Proxy:".

You need to have at least one inbound call a month to keep the number active.

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