Doro IP700 wifi phones...

Does anyone have any exprience of these phones. We have just purchased a couple for our office, and while they work perfectly fine for outgoing calls, incoming is a little problematic.

There doesn't seem to be a setting for registration expiry, and it feels like the phone is not re-registering often enough. So if I do something with the phone, and make an incoming call, the phone rings as expected. But if I leave the phone for a minute or two, and try to make a call, I get through to the answerphone straight away. Pressing a button on the phone lights the screen up, and I'm usually presented with 'SIP registering...'

Anyone any ideas or thoughts? I've sent an e-mail to Doro tech support, but if someone else here has any experience of these phones and whether they work with voipfone, I'd be interested in any feedback.



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