New to VOIP, Need advice for a small home office...

Hi all

I am new to VOIP, so wanted to get some advice from people here about what might be suitable.

First i should point out i have virgin media broadband at home, connected to a wireless router. This router also has 4 other cable ports, so i am presuming all i need to do is connect a VOIP phone into one of these and voila, i have a home office?

Am i way off? Please advise...

Once thats sorted out, is there any advice on a good VOIP Phone? i dont need nothing fancy, just a simple phone will surfice.

Last of all, i was looking at adding a 0845 number for my own business, however i also work for a company from home and i was wondering if its possible to add a second number with a different ring tone? so that i could tell from the ring tone, with what company name to answer the phone... is this possible?

let me know

Re: New to VOIP, Need advice for a small home office...

Your router sounds fine.

The best phone for you is probably the snom 300. But you might like to have a look at the Siemens rang if your need wireless.

You can have as many numbers on your account as you like, if you need to be able to answer different numbers appropraitely you should take an extension for each from our PBX and use the Line Presentation feature.

See: ... tation.php

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