SPA941 SIP URI dial?

Is it possible to dial via SIP URL on the linksys SPA941.

Ive found if i try to dail a friends asteresk server using the format ext@friendsserver from my spa941 on voipfone what actually happens is it dials out the phone rings but when he picks it up the call isnt connected.

What seems to be happening is my phone ends up trying to login to his asteresk server (But fails because obvisouly my Voip account isn't on his server)

During testing we set ext2 on my phone up on his asteresk server then I found ext@server worked on that extension (Not suprising its the same server)

So then we thought ok we'll try Server> Server on machines we both control and he kindly installed/configured asteresk on my server for me.

Reconfigured EXT2 to my server... Dialed Ext@friendsserver

That worked... but then I got him to delete my (test) account from his server (Used the same user/pass) and it stopped working. (which is why I think my phone if you place a sip call in the format user@host trys to login directly to the desitnation host rather than routing the call via the configured sip proxy :roll:

I can call him now by using his number (we setup a dialplan on my asteresk to call his) but i'd be interested why i can't do SIP>SIP calls from the phone.

Atm phones configured to use Voipfone on EXT1, My server on EXT2 and another provider on ext3/4.

I might even reconfigure things to go via my asteresk server now that I have one. (i'm running it on a debian based virtual machine)

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