Cisco 7960 Settings

Hi all,

I have got this phone up and working nicely but I do have a few things that need sorting so wondered if someone could sort me out with some info:

1) How do I reduce the length of time it takes to kick into answerphone as it is taking far too long atm?

2) Is it possible to have a different ring tone for each line (I have 3 lines each with a seperate SIP account configured)?

3) Is it possilble to set the phone to divert after a set period to a mobile rather than diverting straight away? (I like to have the number register on the handset and then off to my mobile if im out just incase I get cut off and I then have their number in the office for me 2 contact them on)

Any help would be greatly received, many thanx in advance,


Re: Cisco 7960 Settings

Hello Eddieh007,

To Answer your questions :

1. I believe this is a new feature that voipfone now offer you can configure this.

2. No this is not possible on the 7960 phone - one ringtone for all lines.

3. Not possible to configure on the phone and is not an option provided by voipfone - might be worth raising this with them in their wish list forum?

Hope this helps,


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