Prioritising Voip traffic over home network

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I've noticed that if i'm on a voip call and am also working on one of my laptops the call quality deteriorates / breaks-up when there is heavy network transfers going-on.
Presumably there is a contention issue with voip/data on the broadband connection. However i'm not sure if this is internal (on my wired network) or external as i've experienced this with downloads (from external sites) and transfers of data internally on my network (from machine to NAS etc). In fact i did get a complete drop-out (NR on the phone) once when one of the machines attached to the same switch was performing a full backup to the NAS. I had to reboot the phone to get it connected again.

Is there anyway i can prioritise the traffic internally within my network to at least give Voip the best chance possible?

My internal network is fully wired - Netgear Router/Gateway takes the incomming line. Attached to this is a 2TB NAS and also a cat-5 to a cisco 8-port gigabit switch. Attached to this are my voipfone (Snom300) and various other laptop's (using 3 or 4 of the ports - not all active). I also have a further link across the house to an additional cisco 8-port switch (which has 2/3 ports active). On a bad day there can be as many as 6 or 7 active devices in addition to the Phone!


Re: Prioritising Voip traffic over home network


You will need to have a look at the switches and the router instructions to see about that. As you are fully wired, there is no problem between the devices and the switch, the only bottle necks will be between the switch and the modem and the modem and voipfone.

Have a look the instructions, if you cannot find anything on it, you'll probably need to invest in some new hardware.
If you got any questions I'll be happy to help. Just don't ask me about VoIP, i know so little about that i'd bore you trying to talk about it, but we all have to learn sometime!

Re: Prioritising Voip traffic over home network

Sorry to resurect an old topic...

I've tinkered with my kit. I now have a D-LINK DGS-1008D 8-port unmanaged gigabit switch attached to my router. 2 of the ports feed directly to my 2 snom300's.

The user manual of the switch indicates that it supports 802.1P QoS, and maps the 8 different priorities of the 802.1P standard to its 3 internal queues - with priority 6 & 7 being mapped to its highest priority queu (queue 3).
However in order for it to work, the packets must be correctly tagged with the 802.1P priority. the set-up web page of my Snom300, under Advanced is a QoS/Security tab.
I can see an option marked VLAN Priority (0 - 7). Can i set this to 7 to force the highest priority on my Voip data packets? Will this work without having to set a value in the VLAN ID (as i'm not running virtual LAN's - its all on the same LAN).



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