Cannot configure Linksys 3102

Guess I should have guessed after an earlier faiklure with an ATA1100 - but I have now acquired - and cannot configure - a Linksys 3102 - any advice welcome:

1. The instructions appear to envisage that a modem will be used with the
3102 interposed between the PC and the phone. I have a Belkin router- is it
not possible simply to connect the internet socket on the 3102 to a spare
socket on the router5 ?

2. That is how I presently have it connected and I am assuming that - as my
network works fine I do not need to perform Step 3 "PC Configuration" and I
also assume that the 3102 is pre-configured by Voiphone and I therefore do
not need to perform Step 4"Network configuration" ?

Assuming this to be correct I move to "enable telephone service" but cannot
get the url "" - times out or says there is
no such url

What am I doinbg wrong ?



Re: Cannot configure Linksys 3102

The device is sent out pre configured.

You should find you have a dial tone and it already works?

To gain access to the web interface you do have to connect your PC to the PC socket. You can change a setting to allow access via your computer while its connected to the usual network router for future access if required.

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