Busy lamp on Linksys 942

I have instaleld the new firmware (6.1.3(a) ) on my Linksys 942 phone which supposedly supports busy lamps etc.

I have gone to Phone -> Advanced

and set line key 2 to:

extension: Disabled
Shared call appearance: shared
Extended function: fnc=blf;ext=3xxxxxxx*yyy@$PROXY

where 3xxxxxxx = our account number
and yyy = the required extension number

The phone light is now out, and does not function. The speed dial to that extension does not work. When the remote extension is still in use the light remains off.

Extended function: fnc=blf;sub=CompanyName@$PROXY;ext=3xxxxxxx*yyy@$PROXY

causes a failure and the extension light blinks amber.

Has anyone else got this working?

There is a 942 guide on this forum, but it is 14 months out of date and pre-dates busy lamps on VOPIFone and the new Linksys 942 firmware.


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