Franking Machine

HI i am trying to setup a pitney bowes franking machine to a Linksys Adaptor as it needs an analogue line to download funds.

The line is constantly dropping or it gets so far and then the line drops and its driving me mad

Is anyone else having the same problem and how can it be resolved.

Cheers in advance.....

Re: Franking Machine

We've not come across this one before but the advice for fax machines may help: ... ?f=8&t=745

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Re: Franking Machine


the franking machine's dialler is in fact a commonplace analogue modem. These rely on audio-frequency analogue signals for communications, much like fax machines do. I'm not sure what speed Pitney Bowes machines' modems are (we have one too, maybe I should read the specs some day!), but it's usually faster and therefore more demanding on line quality than a fax machine.

We tried connecting it through a Vonage line, without any success. The franking machine would never get a good connection through Vonage's VoIP line. We concluded VoIP lines aren't suitable for modems and just hooked it up to the PSTN line.

I'm not sure if it's going to be any better through Voipfone's VoIP lines, but it's more a technology issue rather than the quality or performance of VoIP providers, so I wouldn't be too hopeful about making it work through a VoIP line - however, it certainly doesn't hurt to try following Voipfone's advice relating to connecting fax machines on their network.

Re: Franking Machine

It might not be supported and very old topic, but if anyone needs the info, I got a Pitney Bowes machine working through a Grandstream 701 with the following settings (on Voipfone)

1 Network jitter buffer: very high
2 Jitter buffer adjustment: disable
3 Call Waiting: no
4 Three Way Calling: no
5 Echo Canceller: no
6 Silence suppression: no
7 Preferred Codec: G726/32
8 Use pref. codec only: yes

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