Re: Video calls with eyaBeam/Bria

No, we don't support video at the moment.

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Re: Video calls with eyaBeam/Bria

But the odd thing is if I call a friend on an ixcall or FWD account from my Voipfone account usually video works, depending on the network equipment at each end.
If they call me or if I call another Voipfone account video never works, you guys have missed a trick here as lots of people are leaving FWD since they are starting to charge.

When I first found out about FWD I was going to get all my friends and family to sigh up for prepay accounts with Voipfone or depending on geography so we could continue enjoying free video calls to one and other, and once they had accounts it's a safe bet they'd start using you for international calls, particularly as my standard Christmas present this year is going to be a hardware SIP phone.

As it is I'll probably move them to ixcall for the video.

PS. I'm using x-lite and ekiga.

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