Re: recomend a phone if you don't mind

Hi Deano....

For the last couple of years I've used Elmeg IP290 phones and have been really happy with them, the voice quality is excellent however you are restricted slightly by only having a 2 line display and I suppose you could class them as dated now. Recently I have purchased a number of Linksys SPA942 and I am pleased with them... very nice and informative backlit display and sits at a good angle on my desk. The SPA942 supports up to 4 lines/individual service providers (2 lines out of the box and 2 more via free upgrade) and the LED indicators are great, green for free line, red in use and amber if connection is lost...
For the price, about £80 you can't go wrong.. by the way if you don't have POE you need the power supplies.



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