Grandstream Budget-tone 100

I need help having used VOIPFONE successfully via softphone and re-directing calls to a landline. I finally have the time to get a hardware sip phone. I chose the above as a tester really to see if i could get the whole thing working.

I can get as far as finding the IP address for it that's it.

All I have at home is Orange livebox and Dell laptop.

What do I need to do, unusally I have no clue.

Well this is the bit where I'm falling down, where should I be plugging the phone into? As embarrassing as that sounds it's true! I have tried the computer and I've tried the wireless box.

All that happens when I type in the IP address is the web browser cannot find the address. Which either means, I would say, the IP address is wrong or I've plugged the phone into the wrong place.

If it's an orange livebox it should plug into one or other of the Ethernet ports on the side they are marked red and yellow. Check if the livebox sees it OK by looking at the web page default password and username is admin

I've had a look and there is under MY SERVICES the following:

Internet connection - enabled
phone over ADSL - enabled
Digital TV - automatic
liveprinter - enabled

Is there something else I should be looking at?

You probably have a different type of livebox, mine's an inventel and it tells me if the red and yellow ports are connected.

Regardless, unless you have something already plugged in to them use one of these Ethernet ports. If I remember correctly once you have plugged the phone in you can see the IP address using the menu on the phone. It shouldn't be any more complicated than that.

Thanks for your help but I've sorted it, the solution was to turn on dhcp on the phone (which is the first option on the telephone). After that is was plain sailing. Phew...

It's only took me how long? I'm not quite the plank I thought I was. The only thing is I didn't want the phone connected to the livebox as it is too far away from the computer. Suppose I'll have to buy a router now.

Glad to hear it.

The livebox is a router. How do you connect your PC? Wireless or Ethernet cable. Either way you should be able to put a switch near you PC and connect the phone to it as well.

I've gone for the DECT route (Siemens S450IP) means you can put upto 6 phones anywhere you like.

Good luck

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