DirectDebit billings and auto emailing of invoices

Dear Voipfone,
I currently use Voipfone for my business and have recommended you to my customers. The only downside is that there is no other way of paying apart from using a creditcard and the invoices are only available for download, not automatically emailed out. I would love it if you could enable automatic emailing of invoices to a specified email address and if possible setup payment via direct debit.

Many thanks,

David :lol:

crasher wrote:Yes, this would be an excellent move.
Another vote for emailed, PDF preferred Invoices here.

ALternatively a checkbox by the side of each invoice on the site so we can D/L a PFD of all checked invoices?

Every time I get my credit card bill I have to spend too long getting to a printable version of each invoice.


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