VOIP to PSTN Bridge Using Zoom 5801

I have been banging my head against a wall with this problem for the last 8 weeks - I hope some one can help me!

I am running Trixbox with a Zoom 5801 ATA. I wish to place calls from my VOIP clients bridging to the PSTN via the Zoom ATA device.

I have ‘successfully’ configured the systems so that I can make calls between the Zoom ATA handset and the Trixbox VOIP clients; this all works well and as you would expect.

What I cannot figure out is how to successfully setup a VOIP -> PSTN Bridge using the Zoom 5801 ATA!!!

• When I dial an external number Trixbox (appears) to route the call to the Zoom ATA, the ATA Telco light comes on, the handset rings (once) but no DTMF or Audio appears to be passed through to the PSTN Line.

I am not sure if it is a configuration issue with the Zoom or the Asterisk - can anyone help?

This is how I have configured my system:

• I have set up the Zoom to bridge Voip->PSTN, accept all calls anon etc.

• I setup an extension representing the Zoom ATA (ext 600) - see config at the bottom of post.

• I have a an Outbound Route configured: 0 PSTN; No password/ pin set; Dial Pattern 999 & 0.; Trunk Sequence set to: 0 SIP/600

• My Trunk is configured as everything blank except Custom Dial String which is set to SIP/600

Trix Extension Config
Device Options

This device uses sip technology.
secret xxx
dtmfmode rfc2833
canreinvite no
context from-internal
host dynamic
type friend
nat yes
port 5060
qualify yes
dial sip/600
mailbox 600@default

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