VoIPFone via WiFi on iPhone - coming soon - hopefully!

Just thought I'd start this thread in anticipation of 11th July when the iPhone platform is opened-up to developers to release their software :D

There will be a number of VoIP over WiFi programs released - and I'm hoping that they will work with VoIPFone.

Some of the software will be restricted to given VoIP suppliers - but I'm hoping there will be some open software that can be used with any compliant VoIP servers and systems. Including VoIPFone of course.

So I'll be testing the software when it comes out - and will post my experiences here. No doubt the helpful VoIPFone folks will take a look as well and we can get it working.

**note: if you are in the UK, and have lots of free minutes on your mobile; then the cheapest and best way to use VoIPFone on your mobile is to register your mobile with VoIPFone - and then use the 020 VoIPFone access number. Thus calls are 1p/1.5p pm and come off your VoIPFone account.


Truphone rates are at least 3 times more expensive then VoIPFone!

OK - got Truphone loaded today via iTunes. Free app. Loaded easily.

Truphone is good to use from abroad when you are on WiFi; or in the UK on WiFi when you are calling other Truphone users (for Free).

The main reason I have it is that you can call other SIP accounts directly and for free.

So to call a VoIPFone account number/extension/PSTN number, you just prefix the call with **350 [yes - 2 '*' not 1]

So you could call a VoIPFone office extension for FREE from anywhere in the world via WiFi - or a VoIPFone PSTN number.

EXCEPT!! That SIP calling does not yet work on the iPhone with Truphone!!!

AND free Truphone to Truphone calling does not work either on the iPhone.

AND Truphone Anywhere does not work on the iPhone (for when you have no WiFi access).

Hope they are going to fix this soon.

What we need is a iPhone program that lets your register directly with your VoIPFone account anywhere in the world via WiFi. And (if you're happy with the drain on your battery) to be constantly registering so you can receive incoming calls on your PSTN numbers.

...but no sign of that yet.

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