Transferring (Porting) Your Telephone Number To Voipfone

We can transfer any BT and Virgin Media (ex NTL & Telewest) number (01, 02, 0800, 0845, 0870, 0871 etc) onto our service.

We can also port most Energis, Gradwell, Vonage, Sipgate and Voiptalk and some Skype numbers and numbers from other UK VoIP providers that are members of ITSPA, the UK trade body for VoIP – you can see the list here:

We can sometimes port others too - you need to email support with the number to see if we can.

Please note; when you port your BT number to us your line will cease on the day of the transfer. If this is your ONLY line and you use it for internet access, it will also cease (and, to rub salt into the wound, you may be still liable for the remainder of the contract). At the moment BT does not allow you to have purely broadband internet without renting at least one telephone line too.

It is not necessary to cease your BT line, the porting process will do this for you. (If you cancel your BT service before the porting date you may lose the number).
If you wish to port a number; this is the process:

What we will need from you

1. A completed number porting request form:

Once complete please return it by email to porting at

2. A faxed, signed, letter from you asking us to port it.
3. A faxed copy of your telephone bill showing your name address and telephone number (so we have proof it belongs to you)

Number porting takes around 2 weeks to be completed on average, but it can vary between 7 to 30 days depending on the type of line you have.

The process costs £20 (plus VAT) per number for the first 5 numbers. Any additional numbers over five will be ported free of charge, so long as they’re part of the same application. We’ll explain all this in detail when you apply.

Once on our system, you will be billed by us at the rate we normally charge for the type of number you ported. For example a geographic number costs £2 per month.

Our fax number is 020 7043 5556

Other number information

The wiki for UK Dialling Codes is here ... ling_codes

Number locator here:

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