New User - Can I do this? Caller ID & Dialing Patterns!


Before I dive in and change from my current VOIP provider - can anyone answer a couple of questions? Ive searched but cant seem to find any answers specific to my situation.

I have a Siemens S675 Dect IP Setup. Currently I use I have to present the dialed number as 0044 and drop the 0 to make any UK calls.

Using the dial patterns, i can get the phone to add the 0044 onto a number dialed - but crucially - it wont drop the preceding 0 dialed by my "user". Ive emailed Seimens directly, and they say it will not do this.

ie. i need 01483000000 so i have to dial 1483000000 - the phone then appends the 0044 to the string, and the call is completed.

I dont mind doing that - but the other half keeps forgetting, and its a deal breaker!!!

So - my question is - can i dial direct UK numbers like Sipgate - or do i have to dial 0044??

Secondly, I use my incoming landline for incoming calls (been in use for 5-6 years) I do not want to port the number over to VOIP.

Can i ask Voipfone to use my current PSTN Caller ID for my voip calls? i.e i wish my voip calls to have my PSTN caller ID (people then know it is us calling, and they dont get an unavailable CLID).

Thanks for any answers - and I hope to be a new customer very soon!!!



Yes, all UK calls should be dialed in the normal national format.

Yes, we can set the CLI of your landline £5 one off admin fee to have this setup and we need a fax / email showing a recent bill with the number.

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