Need Help/Advice Which handset

We as a business are quite new to using Voipfone to make calls. Basically I am going to Las Vegas for a month to play in the World Poker Championships soon and I am the M.D of a company. I need to be able to speak to my guys daily. I have just purchased this phone ... :IT&ih=010

but In am now worried it may not be compatible for Voipfone. Can anybody advise me if it is?

If it isn't can anybody suggest a decent lightweight handset I can use while travelling? I don't mind spending a bit more but don't want to spend like £200 or anything!

Am I right in assuming these handsets are just plug and go or have I got this completely wrong?? Will any handset do or do they need to be configured etc??

Thanks in advance

Andrew Pearson

Almost all USB phones our there come with drivers to use the phone with Skype.

You should be able to use pretty much any USB phone with our service, for the audio - so the phone will operate as a sound device. The keypad / answer / hang up functions generally will not work though.

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OK thanks,

But I will be able to use the handset to speak through and hear things?
As long as I can do that it's fine!

Do Voipfone offer a configured phone that is suitable for travelling?



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