Echo on landline phone when voip phone connected

Hi, I recently purchased the siemens gigaset S450 IP and only just set it up today.

Whenthe landline phone is being used (not the gigaset) there is an echo and crackling sound, which has only happened since connecting the new gigaset. This is problematic because the landline is a business line.

I went to the web configurator and under telephony>number assignment unticked the box to receive for the fixed line, but it hasn't made any difference.

I am looking for a way to stop the echo please.

Also when someone calls the landline number, the gigaset rings as well, is there a way to stop this?

Many thanks

Can't help you with the noise on the line problem.

However I think you'll find that the S450IP defaults the fixed line to ring on all handsets, you can't disable it. Same for calling out.

If you have the fixed line plugged in through the gigaset box it will ring the handsets - isn't that what you want? The only way I know to stop it is not to plug it in.

Maybe someone wiser than me can provide input.

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