Snom 320 and Teleconference Access Problem


We need help with resolving a rather important issue for us with the Snom 320 phones and Voipfone.

It seems that some telephone conference providers like Powwownow give us problems when logging in. We can access Voipfones with no issue but often times our clients are giving us numbers to call into and we end up having to use a phone on a normal BT line to join the conference calls.

We have DTMF via SIP INFO turned on.

We emailed support at Voipfone but so far the only advice was to enter in the numbers slowly but this does not work either.

Any ideas?



I normally do not like doing this but I was asked to do traces to email them to you.

This was done on the 16th of May.

I emailed the attachments on the 22nd of May and emailed support on the 28th of May for a status update.

No reply to any of these 3 email messages.

Can someone please let me know the status of this problem?


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