Call forward to mobile if my Softphone is offline?

Hi guys, i am currently using the X-Lite softphone on my PC,
but i'd like my calls to be automatically forwarded to my mobile when i log out of X-Lite softphone, and leave my office.
Is this easily achievable with voipfone and X-Lite softphone?
Or perhaps there is a work around that will enable me to forward calls to my mobile when my softphone is not in use?

Many thanks

Not at the moment. If you switch the x-lite off, calls will go to voicemail. The only way to do it would be to set a call divert and switch it off when you want your x-lite back.

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Couldn't you just set the PSTN Divert number to be the mobile?

That way, if there are any incoming calls to the Voipfone number and X-Lite isn't connected, the call would divert to the mobile automatically ...

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