Orange Livebox

Hi all,

I have an Orange Livebox which I used to be able to plug an ordinary phone into and I could make and receive calls using their old VOIP service which they'd provided me with a phone number for and charge the calls to my account which I paid monthly.

All was good (Apart from the general crap quality of calls) until they decided to deactivate my VOIP service for no particular big loss as it was crap anyway

My question is.....can I plug a normal phone into the port on the livebox like I was able to do with orange's service....but use this with my voipfone account??

Im taking a long shot here because I realise that I'd probably have to flash the livebox and load it up with some new firmware, but logically I'm thinking this could work as it seems that the router does already work with VOIP

Think you will have a problem there. Livebox uses H.323 and you can't even access the parameters in the box - well I couldn't.

I ended up using a PAP2T plugged into the livebox, it's cheap and a doddle to set up.

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