Cannot log in to Voipfone with Softfone and PAP2 in Pakistan

I cannot log into my voipfone service. I have the standard x-lite softfone
from voipfone installled on my laptop and also have a linksys pap2.

Both of which worked fine in London but the same devices do not work in Pakistan. Which I am guessing maybe a government block on VOIP. The broadband supplier has no ports blocked but the country may as a whole have a block.

Softfone says "login timed out - contact network admin"

But my skype and skype-in number seems to be working fine without any problems.

I would still wish to use the voipfone service as I have stuff like call queing on it. And I prefer a profesional business class quality service.

Is there any addresses or ports which I can change to remedy the matter?

I would be most greatful if anyone can help.

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