The perfect Bluetooth headset for VoIP and Mobile is it out

I am not sure if I am the only one looking for a headset that can connect to the following applications.
1.Connect to a VoIP desk top phone (I use a snom 360)
2.Connect to a soft phone located on my laptop via Bluetooth (NOT USB)
3.Connect to my mobile via Bluetooth
Connecting to option 3 would have to be on all the time. But 1 and 2 I would want to switch between them when necessary. When connected to option 1 I will not need to be connect to option 2 and vies versa so toggling between option 1 and 2 would need to be easy.
A long battery life
Have the ability to change via a standard USB2 connection (just in case I have not got the docking station with me)
Or the ability to pop in a AAA or AA battery.
Is there such a beast out there?

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