Time for a "Not available in the UK" hardware upda

I've been using 3 handsets on Siemens S450IP and have been very happy but need to extend the range and add some functionality.

Siemens do a Gigaset Repeater
http://gigaset.siemens.com/shc/0,1935,h ... rN,00.html

But despite apparantly being available in the Europe there are still no plans for this device to be released in the UK.

In Additon there is a Gigaset HC450 Door Entry System
http://gigaset.siemens.com/shc/0,1935,h ... rN,00.html

Again this is not available in the UK with no current plans to be introduced here.

Does anyone have an idea where I could buy these items? Neither item accesses the national telephone system directly, they are both local extensions so I would imagine that so long as they were of a compatible voltage they should be ok shouldn't they?



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