Just a note for anyone interested. The Message Waiting Indicator [MWI] can be set up on an Aastra 480I telephone with a VOIPFONE number to dial from the Services screen. The way the number has has to be programmed into the telephone for this direct dial key is not for the inexperienced. It requires a small text file creating on a computer which can be accessed when the 480I is rebooted. Aastra need really to find a way of improving this mechanism. There are a lot of small business thinking of moving into VOIP who really don't understand programming jargon and will therefore not be able to set up their phones correctly. After beating the jargon and sorting out where to store the text file, plus finding out how to make the Aastra look for the correct file on re-boot of the phone, I can say the MWI works perfectly with VOIPFONE accounts. Trying to keep in my memory all the passwords, codes, shortcuts, access dialing strings is getting to much for this 60 year old bumbling amateur. I can now press three buttons and get through to my waiting messages on VOIPFONE when the large red LED's are flashing [plus the envelope logo shows on the LCD] on the Aastra 480I phone. Deleting all the messages stops the LED's and the envelope disappears.... Until the next time.

Anyone needing help with the set up for Aastra can send me an e-mail. John Edwin Skelton in exile in SLOVAKIA.
John Skelton, can be contacted directly at john@inslovakia.sk or on VOIPFONE 30096850

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