Re: CallMe Button feature - keep a log of caller's numbers

This would be really useful. I have lost a number of calls on this when I was either unable to get to the phone in time or on another call or when the callback comes in at midnight. These callers will generally only try once and if no response will move on. They do not understand that this is an "instant" call back and sometimes expect to be called during the next working day. Nor do they know that if the call back is missed at my end it is effectively lost.
I would also really like to have a log of calls in when using line presentation which is v.useful as I have two different business names. Again have missed some of these and have no way of contacting the missed caller.

Re: CallMe Button feature - keep a log of caller's numbers

If you use our Call Me Back Pro service you now are sent an email with the date/ time/ number of any user which enters their details.

So if you miss the call, simply check your email and dial them back manually later.

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