What is "Voip Compatibility" on a DECT phone?

I'm looking to buy a new ordinary DECT cordless phone to plug into my ATA to use for VOIP.

When I look at the cordless phones in the online "BT shop" it tells me there are 94 phones to choose from of which 71 have "Voip Compatibility" and 23 do not.

As far as I can see all 94 phones are normal DECT PSTN phones which should quite happily plug into my ATA. I've tried downloading the user manuals for some of the phones and none of the manuals even mention VOIP so what are they referring to?

I know some companies (eg Philips) do hybrid DECT/VOIP phones with USB connections for PCs but that does not seem to apply to any of the ones listed in the BT shop.

As far as we know the phone adaptors we sell (the Linksys ones) will work with any phone which works in a normal PSTN line.

It may be the ATA's that BT supply for their VoIP service are a bit more fussy... Bit of a guess!

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That's a interesting possibility. An adaptor issue rather than a phone issue.

I've used all sorts of old phones with my grandstream ATA and never had a problem so I could not imagine what sort of PSTN phone could fail to be Voip compatible.

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