BT BBV Router 2500V

Hi Folks

I am struggling to get this unit working, its basically a broadband wireless router and i would describe it as having a built in ATA for voip.
Its unlocked from BT, configured for voipfone ... anybody managed ?
Its definately capable of using voip isps other than BT , but i cant seem to get the correct settings for voipfone.

I think this thread on another forum for the 2500V explains a lot about the format of the settings , but has anyone here managed to get it going for voipfone and could share their settings ?

ALso may be of interest ...

Basically these are the details that are required for the router ...but i think every voip isp have totally different configurations for the last section and i cant seem to get a correct configuration for voipfone.

SIP Registrar and port
SIP OBProxy and port
SIP Proxy and port
VOIP Phone number, name, username, and password

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