Problem with TA612 Adapter


I am having problems with a Netgear TA612 which is unlocked.

For some reason the phone registers correctly however these are the problems that I am having :

1. When the phone rings and the other person hangs up OR someone picks up the phone from another extension the phone will continue to ring for ages ! This happens even from calls on other extensions on the same LAN.

2. Cannot call other extensions. I can a dial tone however nothing happens. I cannot call external numbers either. I cannot call the test numbers either (e.g. 155)

3. I can recieve calls from other extensions (on the same LAN) without a problem. However If the extension is called and the phone is put down before its picked up it will continue to ring.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do ? There is only a problem with this adapter, We have 3 other Linksys SPA phone which work perfectly ! But this adapter does not work fully at the moment.



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