Siemens S450IP - Multiple VOIP Accounts - Outgoing Calls

I have just purchased a single Siemens S450IP and have successfully assigned it to two VOIP accounts.

When dialling calls I would like to route personal calls out of one VOIP account and business calls out of the second VOIP account.

Unfortunately having only a single handset I do not see how to do this. The web configurator allows you to assign multiple incoming VOIP numbers to a single handset and I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that I should be able to suffix the dialled number to indicate which VOIP line to use.

Unfortunately I can't find any reference to this in the manual; hopefully I'm just going blind.

Your guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Managed to solve the problem myself but only after upgrading the firmware.

See the following note from the Siemens website:

Firmware Update 09/2007 Version 02081

New Features:
Line selection via account index added (#0 - #9).

how do you do it?

Hi Karibi,

Your post is interesting. Can you add a little more detail on how you achieve this. I have two VOIP numbers - a UK and a US one, but just the one handset.

I would like to be able to call my US clients from my US number and my UK clients from the UK number. At the moment all calls default from my UK number and all inbound calls arrive at this number.

Can you describe how you use the handset to decide which VOIP number you are calling from?


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