Not about Voip but its to do with telephones

I am after a gadget if its available that will work as follows.

I plug the gadget into a telephone point i then plug my telephone into the gadget i then set the gadget to a ring delay of say three rings.

So when a call comes in the caller will hear three rings but i will not hear the first three rings.

I would want to be able to set the delay up to say ten rings.

Is such a gadget made if so what is it called and can you give a link to it.

I have done a google search but it only came up with the settings for various answer phone machines.

Thanks and Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all

What is is for

I'm puzzled as to what this device is for?

Does it just put off the impatient callers (eg call centres) who can only be bothered to wait 9 rings?

In a home environment then you need that time - especially if you happen to be on the loo when the phone rings! :oops:

In a business environment the speed of answering is of the essence. Deliberately keeping your customers waiting does not sound like a good strategy.

Do explain........


Snom IP phones allow you to specify 'Ring After Delay (sec)' - the phone will make no ringing sound until the caller has been ringing for the number of seconds you enter.

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