Cisco IP Phone 7940 Series Help


I have 2 Cisco 7940's which are currently configured to SIP 8.6 firmware (Thanks acoolwelshbloke) however I am unable to unlock the menu's using *,*,#"or reboot the phone using *+6.

Does anyone have any ideas how this can be fixed?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Re: Cisco IP Phone 7940 Series Help

Hello Grant,

I think you may be looking at how to do this for the Cisco 7941 as they sounds like the instructions for that phone not the 7940.

For the 7940 phone to unlock the GUI interface you have to go into Settings (press the settings button) then select option 9 'Unlock Config' and then type in the password (by default this is Cisco) however if you have loaded in a file via TFTP you may have changed this. This will then unlock the phone's config.

To reboot the 7940 you have to press * 6 and then the Settings Button.

Hope this helps.


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