Snom 370->Wireless headset adaptor ->GN9120 DHSG

Right I have been assured that the above configuration should work allowing me electronic off hook etc using a wireless headset

But I cant for the life of me get it working !

I have headset enabled on the phone (The little icon shows on the display)

There is a little dial on the back of the headset to select phone type but as Snom isnt listed i dont know what that should be set to ??

I have used the two cables that come with the wireless adaptor to connect it to the Aux port on the headset base and to the EXT socket on the phone

I then used the cable that came with the headset to connect the headset socket on the headset base to the headset socket on the phone

I power up the headset base and it does as it should i.e. flashes a bit, pairs to the headset and then sits there with the green led indicating full charge hard on

I take the headset off the base and the phone goes off hook ready to dial a number and the red online led on the headset base flashes fast. Nothing happens on the headset at all, no flashing led (According to the manual this should flash) no link LED on the base unit either !

The GN Netcom 9120 Headset came with a DHSG Cable but after speaking to Netcom they weren't sure this is required as the Snom Wireless adaptor comes with its own cables.

Has anyone got this configuration and working ? or similar using the wireless adaptor ?

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