Extensions to call divert features

Hi - hope all is well. Love the service, and have a couple of requests for call divert.

1. Store numbers/and names to divert to - I share this with a few colleagues, and it would be nice for one of us to be able to log in and just click to turn divert off, or move it someone else.

2. Timed divert - have the divert happen during preset hours.

3. Caller ID info - it would be great to have a code or text pre- or appended to the caller ID number when it bounces through divert. Currently I'm often guessing if it's business or not when I get a call diverted to my mobile.

Many thanks, Joe.

Also nice to have would be "divert if no answer" (after a programmable number of rings, less rings than voicemail of course),

I'd use it to divert to mobile if I don't answer the fixed phone, to catch calls while I'm out.

We'll get round to all these tweaks eventually but in the meantime, if you have a smart phone - like the snom - you can set them up in that.

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We're looking for a conditional divert based upon the time of the day.

Is this possible?

We could use the business hours functionality, but as far as I can see this only supports divert to voicemail.

Divert on no answer would also be cool as a PBX (not handset) feature. Any update on this?



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