New Gigaset S450 key feature question

I have seen various similar questions to mine but not really seen a definitive answer so I was wondering if someone can help please as I think perhaps I the phone does not provide fr my key requirements:

1. Can the phone do 3 way calling for
a) 3 voiphone extensions?
b) 1 voiphone extension and one external call via VOIP?

2. Attended call transfers?

3. Switch between 2 incoming VOIP calls?

Many thanks

You can do three way conferences yes.

You can either call someone, put them on hold, call someone else and hit conference - or answer a call waiting call while on a call and then conference them.

It can do attended transfers too.

You can switch between two incoming calls.


I'd recommended you go for a Snom IP phone if you are planning on handling lots of calls though

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Many thanks for the reply, and for the record we have already purchased the phone and I have it setup and connected.

However if I may possibly ask for further help as I could not get the features I mentioned in my original post to work....

I asked a colleague to call in to my VOIP phone and then I hit 'ext call' button and then dialed another colleague's extension (eg 201). The original caller was put on hold and the second call was answered. Using the 'conf' button did not join the three way call together. I could also find no instruction on how to announce a call transfer in the manual.

Could you please tell me how to do these two functions.

Many thanks

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