SMC7908VoWBRA some help needed please

as stated above SMC7908VoWBRA. the settings i have set are outlined below. please could someone make sure i have correct settings? it seems to be working but does not behave correctly. ie when i am on a call and i receive another, i hear the beeping but it does not display the number on the phone.

VoIP Account
Account Profile: Account 1: Activated
VoIP Provider: other
Username: 3*******
Password: ******
Phone Number: 3*******
Display Name: my name
SIP Domain:
Proxy IP Address:
Proxy Port: 5060
Registrar IP Address:
Registrar Port: 5060
Registrar Expire: 1800
Support User-Agent Header: (not enabled)
Support Out of Band DTMF: (enabled)
Call Hold Version: RFC3264
Available Codecs: Selected Codecs

G.711 U LAW
G.711 A LAW

Voip Extensions
Telephony Tone Country: UK
Extension Number: None
Additional Number: None
Answer calls for all numbers: (enabled)
Call Waiting: (enabled)
Caller-ID Presentation: (enabled)
Different dial tone for VoIP: (not enabled)
Telephony Hook Flash Timer: 50ms~ 600ms

there are other menus:
SIP Setting
Port Advanced Setting
Dialing Plans
Quick Dialing Plans
VoIP Status and Call Logs

thanks in advance

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