BT vs VoipFone and Redundant ADSL quandry!


Got a scenario which a I am considering for a friend, but not sure if it will fly.

She has a BT residential line for her house line, which is connected to the house/sky box etc, and another residential line which is in her home office for her business, which has call sign and broadband on it - the primary no being used for voice and the call sign for fax..

My friend needs more phone lines as her business is expanding, and also has a need for reliable ADSL (what she has now is ok, but expensive for what it is) - she uses the internet a lot for work, and her phone and broadband are her main tools for business.

She spoke to dear old BT, who told her she would have to spend 100 quid converting her existing line to a business line so they could shift her to business broadband, then have an additional 2 lines installed and them both converted to Featureline costing over 300 quid - not to mention the 40ish per quarter per line rental. She almost hit the roof. I asked if they would transfer her PSTN number to the VoIP service and they said this wasn't possible (funny how Voipfone can do it!!)

The only good thing is that by moving to a business account, they will put her on a "one plan" which will get discounts, and "service assurance" on her BT services.

So, she asked me to take a look, and I have thought of the following solution, but don't know if it will work....

1. Get (free) Sky broadband enabled on her main house line
2. Shift her network on to that service
3. Cancel her existing ADSL service
4. Puchase Avaya Quick edition system phones and gateway and connect it to Voipfone Vpbx
5. Port her main number and call sign number to Voipfone for voice and fax respectively.
6. Shift her now dead BT line to a Business account and get BT business Broadband enabled
7. Connect her PSTN lines to the Avaya gateway for failover and to take advantage of any BT discounts on the business line
8. Get a dual port ADSL router and connect it to the BT Broadband (primary) and Sky broadband (backup)
9. Connect her fax to the new BT business line for outgoing faxes

A couple of questions tho:

1. Are these loadbalancing / failover routers any good? Has anyone used any of them?

2. Is there anyway to get some kind of QoS to the Voipfone network? My assumption is not, but if I have two ADSL links, I would be able to seperate voice from data - but it would be better to do something like QoS.

Any thoughts / suggestions?

Looking at how much this would cost to set up, I think the more elegant VoIP solution is more expensive, but it would pay back in about a year - avoiding the need for an unscalable solution from BT.

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