PAP2 Problem

Ive just bought a PAP2 v1.0 from an ebay user in Hong Kong. Its supposed to be the generic unlocked version.
Whatever I do, the lights keep flashing. When first power up get flashing power led and flashing ethernet led, then goes to solid red power and ethernet, then all 4 flash, then it starts the sequence again.
Whether i just have the power lead connected or everything, power ethernet and phone, I still get the same flashing lights.
I cannot access the menu via the phone. My router (Phillips SNA5630NS) gives it an IP address but I cant access the PAP2s web browser config. It sometimes loads the page but only partially and when I click on Line 1 it never loads.
Is the PAP2 unit faulty or is there something I can do.

I'd have a go at upgrading/reapplying the firmware to the PAP2. If you know the IP address this should be fairly straight forward.

If you go to the linksys website. you can download the firmware binary and an executable tool for upgrading the firmware.

With the PAP2 connected to the same network as the PC you're going to use to upgrade the firmware. Have both the exe and bin file in the same location and run the exe.

Simply put the IP address of the PAP2 in when prompted and click OK to upgrade. This process should take no more than one minute.

Please ensure you are hardwired into the network and not using a wireless connection for this upgrade.

Once this has completed, try accessing the web config.

I hope this helps.

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