Can someone tell me, can voip be used with DHCP? I see most advice is to bind ports to a fixed IP address for the viop device but what about where this is not possible? e.g. using a wireless handset on an open hotspot - you'd be allocated an ip address but have no control over binding the voip ports to your allocated ip address. How does voip work in this senario?

Likewise on a home network, what happens if you want to use voip from more than one pc, how can this be done if it's necessary to bind the voip ports to one pc's ip address?


Please can you explain. Whenever someone has a quality problem you (and others) recommend that they allocate a fixed ip address and port forward to he devices ip address. So if DHCP is used with a dynamic ip address , how would the firewall be setup if the ip address could vary?

My immediate problem is that I have 3 PCs with a softphone on each. I can fix each PCs ip address but how do I setup the firewall? Clearly I can't port forward to all 3 ip addresses so I have to fix the voip ports to a single pc?

How can I use voip from any of the 3 PCs rather than being restricted to one?

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