Funkwerk IP50

Can you please help? We used Funkwerk phones where I worked so I bought one for Voipfone, good price / features etc.
I can get my Voipfone account working fine with the SJphone soft-phone but the Funkwek will not register.

The odd thing is that I can call 152 and 155 test numbers which work fine.
When I try to phone another number I get an unavailable or busy response. When I phone in I get diverted to voicemail.
The phone has "No Service" showing all the time.
It has the latest firmware loaded but there seems to be very little info from Funkwerk and no easy support number.

I have tried the outbound NAT proxy URI which seemed to help get the SJphone working but still no go with the Funkwerk.
There are boxes for DNS1 and DNS2 which auto-fill. When I ping these I get a 100% result but I don't know if these are right or not.
I have used the default DHCP setting as recommended in the very meagre instructions that came with the phone. I tried Staic IP but this was no better.
I am using a BT Voyager 2500V wireless router which handles everything else extremely well and has the latest firmware loaded. The phone has a hard ethernet connection to the router.
My service provider is Freedom2Surf and I have 7.4Mb Down / 480Kb Up. The service has always been very reliable.

The phone is for a home office and the need for it is becoming urgent. I'm sure I am close to a solution but I have run out of combinations of URI's and tick boxes.

Thanks guys.
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